Monday, August 11, 2008

Rami: Response to Mike's 8/9 Post

I do have one question. You said that the resurrection "hallowed" the satyagraha of Jesus. That caused me to wonder: If there were no resurrection, how would your love of Jesus and your commitment to his teachings change?

As you know I take the resurrection as myth, meaning it is a parable articulating deep truth but not in the context of literal, scientifically provable fact. Given what we know about science and the nature of the universe, if Jesus were literally lifted into heaven, body and soul, even if traveling close to the speed of light, he would not yet have escaped the universe, let alone reach heaven. So I don't take this literally, and find meaning it beyond the literal.

Anyway, my question isn't why or how you understand the resurrection (though that too is an interesting question), but rather if the resurrection never happened, how and why your approach to Jesus and his teachings might change?

If you would like to tackle that, great. And then let's move on.

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