Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Note to Our Readers

Hi. This is Rami. Mike and I are taking a short break from this blog. Mike isn't feeling well and is going to take some time off to get himself back on his feet. At least that's what he's telling me. I suspect he's going to bury himself in the library and bone up on his Christology so he can better refute my brilliant arguments on the meaning of the Sermon on the Mount.

I'm sure he would appreciate your prayers for his quick recovery. If you feel called to send donations please put them in my name. I'm not ill, but I need the money more than Mike does. If enough money comes in I intend to vacation in the Bahamas. I'll email him your names and tell him you sent something from there.

Please don't abandon us. We will continue in a week or two. Check back. Thanks.

1 comment:

TheNote said...

Thank you for the note.
Be refreshed.
Find great thoughts and think them.
(Then share them with me - because - I want to know)
Send the $$$ here, though -
I've never been to the Bahamas -