Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rami: Response to Mike's 4/3 Post

You refined my thoughts quite nicely, Like, thanks.

I am multi-lingual to be sure. Sometimes I wonder if I am not my own private Tower of Babel. i think we are able to find such richness in our conversations on and off the Internet because we share so many languages. While this may not be rare among peoples of faith, admitting it seems to be. So many people find being bi-lingual dangerous, let alone multi-lingual. I find the more languages of faith I know the richer my understanding of Reality becomes.

I also agree with your final comment that the experience of God Presence is a gift. Contemplative practices can prime the pump and help make us receptive to the gifts of the Spirit, but in the end it is always a matter of grace.

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Brian Barker said...

Hi Mike and Rami

Like the Tower of Babel comment, in relation to languages!

If you have a moment, and if you think it relevant, you might like to have a look at

I think it's interesting anyway

Mike Smith and Rami Shapiro said...

Thanks, Brian. We'll take at look.

Anonymous said...

Right on! Grace trumps all experiences! Without grace, experiences would be meaningless.

This relates somewhat to the question of: Why do some people have faith while others do not, even though they may have been raised in the same family? For example, there are some Jewish Holocaust survivors who grew deeper into their faith, while others seemed to have lost their faith (although I'd be the last one to judge them on that! since that's God's job).

There but by the grace of God go you and I.
Dim Lamp