Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mike: Closing our Discussion of the Sabbath

Agreed. Let's move to the next commandment.

By way of closing my portion of the discussion on Sabbath, I agree that guided retreats or similar opportunities may offer the best hope of learning to do Sabbath. On the other hand, most people probably cannot participate for any number of reasons. I'm all for working with those who can, but I feel uncomfortable leaving behind those who cannot (as opposed to those who will not).

Both our traditions provide for weekly community worship. At its best, such worship ought to reignite our sense of the sacred. Never mind that much of worship as practiced simply strengthens our preoccupation with self.

Call me a populist, but the tradition of community worship (which should not be equated with going to church or synagogue)offers opportunity to the widest range of persons.

Messing with the worship practices and goals of a community is dangerous, of course. It's also frustrating. So much time, so much energy, so much heartbreak--often, with little to show, at least insofar as we can see. Still, it's bound up in my sense of calling, Rami. Meaning no inappropriate comparison, I think I understand in part why Jeremiah wept.

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