Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rami: Response to Mike's 11/26 Post

Just a quick comment on "Jesus is Lord."

This came up in my comparative religion class at Middle Tennessee State. We were discussing the Koran, and a very devout and fundamentalist Christian student responded to the question, "How do we know which Holy Scripture is the true Holy Scripture" with the following:

"Since Jesus is Lord and Savior the Old Testament is true because it predicts the coming of Jesus, and the New Testament is true because it affirms that Jesus is Lord, but the Koran is false because it does not affirm Jesus is Lord."

This is the kind of hubris that breaks my heart and feeds the darkest ignorance. I know for a fact that I could have gotten the same kind of response from Muslims and Jews, so this isn't about Christianity. It is about the way we approach religion and spirituality.

I am grateful to have a friend like you with whom to talk about these things.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

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Bob said...


Not knowing the student, I can't defend the comment, but it sounds to me less like hubris than simply repeating what he or she has been taught. I remember when Bailey Smith made his infamous "God Almighty does not hear the prayers of a Jew" comment. At the time it made sense to me, because we prayed our prayers "in Jesus' name" and read in Hebrews that Christ is our high priest and intervenes on our behalf with the Father. I gave no thought about how it might sound to someone who didn't share my narrow world view. In fact I didn't even know it was narrow. My pastor told me it's what Baptists believe.