Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rami: Response to Mike's 11/10 Post

This is what makes our dialogue so much fun! We agree just enough to be able to speak meaningfully to one another, and disagree just enough to be able to learn constructively from one another. I agree with everything you said. So let's move on!


Patti said...

Gentlemen, I commend you. Your discussion on non-violence was enlightening. I appreciate both your views and will have to re-read this for a bit. Responding to this blog sometimes feels like I am intruding, so I often refrain, but I so appreciate what you both are doing. Thank you.

Mike Smith and Rami Shapiro said...

Thanks, Patti. Please don't refrain from posting comments. This goes for all of you who are reading this. We hope to publish this as a book someday, and our original idea was to incorporate our side conversations into the text. This may prove too much for a traditional publisher, but we welcome all comments.